At Altrans Postal Solutions we serve a variety of industries helping them find solutions to suit their needs and budgets.

Client #1: works with individual agents that mail advertising media to prospective clients throughout the country. Since the quantities were relatively small, he thought that he would be unable to take advantage of drop entry discounts and the mail preparation would be cumbersome. By devising a combination of LTL and consolidation he was able to reduce his postage costs by $75,000 and also reduce delivery time. Our analysis also established minimum quantities he uses entered at the start of his production process eliminating time consuming preparation planning.

Client #2: works with a large mutual fund company. The client is required to mail various informational literature to each fund owner monthly, quarterly and annually. Overall mailing quantities were large and the client’s software was not capable of creating Carrier Route bundles and/or enable bundles on pallets instead of sacks forcing the production facility to use more space and manpower to sack each mailing. Altrans took over the clients presort and distribution, gaining large incentives to create Carrier Route bundles, and in addition saved production department time, space and overall expense by not having to create thousands of sacks of mail. Value was added by maximizing the shipping containers though brick stacking and further reducing their overall freight expense.

Client #3: a large mailer challenged us to consolidate a truck loaded with both letter and flat mail. Each mailing contained time sensitive material and had different in-home windows. APS was able to unload and ship the letter mail pallets immediately, while storing the flat mail for two weeks and then releasing at the proper time to deliver on the pre-arranged in-home window. Our customer won additional business because they were able to provide specific in-home windows and provide a larger savings for two small mailings.

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